The Musings of an Elective Orphan

Sarah Brandis

The Psychology of Job Hunting

mongrels_2As you guys know, I have just graduated and am scurrying around the job market like a hungry fox… or something like that.  I wanted to write something about the psychology of this process, because this is a time that can make even the toughest of us feel vulnerable.  I suppose this is because we are put under the scrutiny of a stranger.  Our entire being is summed up on a side or two of A4.  We are eager to impress, but so often limited by the confines of an application form – how can we be sure that our best qualities get across?

I recently received some help from a friend of a friend.  She is a bit of a recruitment wizard, and she helped me sort out my CV.  I asked her what I should do about my book (this one).  One the one hand, it was a huge project, and entirely my own from start to finish.  It took a lot of learning and a lot of perseverance.  I must say, I am very proud of it.  But on the other hand, it is a personal memoir.  A very, very personal memoir.  Now I never have felt ashamed of the content.  I am a survivor, and that is one of my best qualities.  But I can absolutely see that a prospective employer might be put off by my ‘over-sharing’.  The ‘recruitment wizard’ friend suggested that if I’m proud of it, then I should own it.  Stand by it.  It’s an accomplishment, it shows backbone, and it shows numerous administrative and marking skills to boot.  So that’s what I am doing.

I don’t mind admitting that I am concerned about it though.  I’m concerned that I’m being a bit too Wonder Woman about it, and not being ‘British’ enough.  By which I mean I am being too feisty, too unapologetic.  Perhaps the job market wants conservative, not spandex and a cape.  Damn it.  I want to save the world AND earn a good salary.  Can’t I have both?


I guess I am feeling a little exposed


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