The Musings of an Elective Orphan

Sarah Brandis

I’ll be back!

imgresHelloooo!  I’m so sorry I have been very absent lately.  This is just a cheeky little update and apology number.  But I will be back to proper blogging very soon.

So I am in the final week of writing my dissertation, hence the long absence.  I think I can best describe the experience of coming to the end of my degree as a crazy-colada-exita-mocha-terror-latte.  I’m pleased to be almost done with coursework, even more pleased by the prospect of a full-time salary (I’m so broke), but also intimidated by the huge change ahead of me.  Yes, it turns out that even changes for the better are scary, because human beings are creatures of habit.  This is something I have come to understand much better by talking through it with my counsellor.

Next month is exam revision month, and I will have a fair bit more free time for blogging.  I have learned so much recently, and have lots of psychological paths to wander down with you guys.

Watch this space 😉


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