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My Ja’mazing Week

I'm kind of doing the Danger Mouse thing this week...

I’m kind of doing the Danger Mouse thing this week…

This update is coming to you from a secret underground location in central London, in the style of Danger Mouse (if you are around my age and British then you should remember him).  I’m here for fashion week, but in a first aid capacity, not a fashion one.  Therefore, me and my green combat trousers are the least fashionable things here.  Or the most anti-fashionable… yeah, lets turn it into a positive.  I totally win at being anti-fashion!

It’s been a busy week since I last posted.  I have verbally agreed my place on the coaching course.  Paying for it is another matter entirely, but I’m working on that.  I’m still thoroughly lost in dissertation hell, but will pull myself together soon.

I turn 33 tomorrow, and I’m celebrating with a lie-in (rock and roll).  I think I will put all the partying on hold until after my final exams in May, and then just go CRAZY!

Like, rapper on a boat crazy…

I'm on a boat mutha-f**ker$

I’m on a boat mutha-f**ker$

Or maybe guatemalan insanity pepper crazy…



… we shall see!

In the meantime I am trying to chill out a bit in between work and uni.  My favourite thing to watch currently is Chris Lilley’s new show, Ja’mie:  Private School Girl.  It’s Ja’mazing!  Seriously, if you only have one hour to spend in front of the telly, watch this.  I laughed so hard!  It’s funny because it is so painfully true.  He plays a spoilt teenage girl alarmingly well for a grown man.  And the dance routines are EPIC.

I'm Ja'maizing!

I’m Ja’mazing!

In other news, I got some lovely new reviews of my book.  I’m so happy that people are enjoying it, and particularly it’s ‘rawness’.  I was a bit worried initially that my writing style was a bit too ‘guatemalan insanity pepper’.  Anywho, here is my newest review, and a link to it on the Kindle store.

Slide1Looking forward to sequel on this journey

This is a raw and honest account of Sarah’s abuse and the challenges that occurred in her life after she left her abusive home at sixteen. She honestly admits the mistakes and obstacles in her journey of healing. Through this memoir we follow the lessons she has learned and see how she has grown and developed beyond her abusive past. As she admits, there are still areas she is working on, but her journey is one of courage. My prayer for her is that at some time she will find it in her heart to forgive her parents – not that they deserve it, but I have learned in my healing journey that the only way I was able to move beyond my abusive past was to forgive my parents, trusting that they were answerable to God for their actions. Once I forgave them it was like a weight off my back and I moved forward more quickly in my healing. Still, I love Sarah’s spunk and her willingness to be a woman of all trades. Her path is not one I could take, but I honour her courage.

On Kindle now.  Don’t have a Kindle?  There is a free app!


2 comments on “My Ja’mazing Week

  1. diahannreyes
    February 16, 2014

    Happy birthday, Sarah!

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