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Sarah Brandis

Facing a fear – update (and my holiday down under)

My loaner wheels - "They see me rollin'..."

My loaner wheels – “They see me rollin’…”

Just a quick update since my previous post.  I have driven four times now since arriving in Aus, and things are going well. The casualty report is zero (and I only had one minor almost-panic attack, but I’m not counting that!).  On the advise of my counsellor, I didn’t give driving my usual ‘all or nothing’ style of attack.  I have taken baby steps, and patience is rewarding me with steadily growing confidence.  Beginning with a little lap of the supermarket car park, I have worked up to a proper drive through the town, and home via winding country lanes.

Exhibit A - winding and narrow

Exhibit A – winding and narrow

This will probably sound like nothing at all to most people.  But if you are familiar with my blog, or my book, then you know how afraid of driving (and potentially killing people) I truly am.

Anyway, I think that is enough talk of mortal terror – I am on holiday after all.  Australia is beautiful, I love it here.  This is my third visit, and definitely not my last.

So pretty

So pretty

I really like dragon flies, so I was pretty sad to find this one in the picture had drowned in our sink overnight.  It might be a tiny bit weird that I took a picture of him, but he is so pretty.  And really huge too!  The butterflies here are massive, and really bright colours.  I’m so happy to get away from the greyness of London for a while.  It is really good for the soul.

And finally, my coolest bit of news is the amazing freebie we got on the flight from Dubai to London.  To make a long story very short.  My sciatic pain = need an aisle seat desperately.  Booking issue with aisle seat = free upgrade for my partner and I….. to Business Class!  I have walked past those seat-bed pods with huge TVs and a mini bar so many times, while (drooling and) dragging myself to economy.  Never did I think I would ride in one without selling a kidney or remortgaging my soul.  Christmas day flight = Christmas bloody miracle!

Emirates Business Class - comes with a free bar, naturally.

Emirates Business Class – comes with a free bar, naturally.

Happy New Year everyone.  I don’t really buy into ‘new year’ resolutions so much, as we can improve ourselves anytime we choose.  And steady little goals spread across the year are more achievable than huge challenges all in one go.  I’m going to keep fighting my fears – onwards and upwards!


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