The Musings of an Elective Orphan

Sarah Brandis

Are we effing serious people?

Seriously, this stuff gets published and released into the world?

As a child abuse survivor, I couldn’t help but get involved in the campaign to have the book removed from Amazon.  I’m not labelling them as the root cause, of course that comes from the authors of this, erm, ‘book’ (I use the term loosely).  But a giant such as Amazon, in claiming such a large piece of the book market, I feel could take a little responsibility for their part in supplying this evil to the world.

Any ‘human being’ (again – loosest definition of the word) that could find it in themselves to beat their children until they “defeat him totally”, DOES NOT NEED ENCOURAGEMENT!  These parents need help and support, or they need to foster their kids out to better human beings.

As I understand it, the author self-publishes, which goes some way to explaining how a child abuse manual ended up selling globally.  And I am fully aware that a seller, such as Amazon, does not proof read self-published work before selling it.  I know the logistics of that would be ridiculous with self-publishing being so trendy now.  But now that Amazon ARE AWARE, and have received a steady stream of requests to remove this book from it’s shelves, just as Waterstones and Foyles have done, can they not just do it please?  Literally, for the sake of humanity.


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