The Musings of an Elective Orphan

Sarah Brandis

Imperfection and Unworthiness

Hello Courage!

Hello Courage!

Today I discovered Brené Brown, and straight away I just loved what she was saying.  I watched this awesome TED talk on Youtube.  She made a lot of sense to me, talking about the things that stand in the way, or rather that we put in the way, of our own happiness.  Things like shame and the sense of unworthiness that so many of us have.  It made some pretty big things in my world a lot clearer to me.  For example, I think I now understand why I can’t stand to be around unmotivated, overly laid back people who aren’t as driven towards achievement as I am.  It has more to do with why I need to constantly achieve, more than why they do not.  I simply cannot allow myself the luxury of slacking off, because I have not yet learned how to ‘be enough’ in my own eyes.  I am unworthy, and therefore trying to justify my place on the planet by working hard.  I cannot be kind to other’s who don’t have the same work ethic as me, because I am not yet kind to myself.  I really hope to learn how in the near future, and I find all of this area of psychology genuinely fascinating.

Brown also talks a little about vulnerability being at the core of some good things as well as bad; creativity and change for a couple of examples.

Homer had a questionable work ethic!

Homer had a questionable work ethic!

Perhaps this is why I found writing my memoir to be so good for my personal development, as well as being hugely cathartic.

Check out Brené Brown here.

My ‘memoir meets psychology’ ebook is on Amazon here, or see my About page for other places to download from.


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