The Musings of an Elective Orphan

Sarah Brandis

How well do you know your friends?

"Friends are there..."

“Friends are there…”

I recently ‘put some feelers out’ for my second biography/psychology book.  This time I am looking to not write about myself so much, but to interview some friends, do a short bio on each of them, and as before add a little psychology twist.  When I asked for volunteers I was, as well as being pleasantly surprised by the generosity of people, also surprised by some of the friends who were up for being ‘psychoanalysed’ to some degree.  Some of these guys are friends that I think of as being totally confident and happy, people that I really admire.  I had no idea that they were harbouring serious issues from childhood.

I think the fact that I was so surprised is very telling on two counts:

  • Everybody has baggage.  It doesn’t matter if you have loving parents, had an idillic childhood, or were your school football captain and no one ever bullied you.  We all have our junk.  Many of us are capable of hiding this stuff, it is a well practised art form in our society.
  • Perhaps we can get (and I certainly do) so wrapped up in our own self-doubts and foibles that we just simply tune out similar issues in others.  Maybe this could be because we are too occupied with our own problems to see past the end of our own nose.  Or maybe we are so down on ourselves that others “can’t possibly be as messed up as I am – no, they must be fine”.


Just my little thought for the day.  We all have our issues, even the most seemingly together people.  I’m declaring today ‘hug a friend’ day!


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