The Musings of an Elective Orphan

Sarah Brandis

I smell a rat

It wasn't this rat - Roland was awesome!

It wasn’t this rat – Roland was awesome!

In chapter 22 of my memoir I talk about a few people who have used me, and how I have allowed myself to be used too.  I was very honest about the fact that I walked myself into these situations; I never once stated that the other person was the only one at fault (nor did I name anyone of course).  Well, one of them is internet stalking me (has been on my tail for a while now), and I think that he is very cowardly.  I strongly suspect he is the person who has just posted the most awful and completely over-the-top negative ‘review’ of my book on Amazon – but he has done it behind the guise of a brand new account, created only minutes before posting the ‘review’.  A pseudo name, no photo, and has never purchased or reviewed another book with this account – hmmmm.  I hope I am not being paranoid, but I smell a rat.  A familiar one.

I say ‘review’, because what he has written is a personal attack on me, the author, and not a review of my writing style, content, pace, or psychological theories referenced in my book.  I’m all for constructive criticism, I got a lot of that from other writers on the Scribophile network while I was working on my final draft, and it was so helpful.  But there is nothing helpful about a personal attack, not to me, nor is it helpful to other Amazon customers looking at my reviews.  But as with most cowards, whether writing what he did made him feel big for a few minutes, the feeling won’t last.  He is a sad person.  What I wrote about in my book won’t be for everyone, but at least I published in my real name and stood 100% behind my words.  This guy is attempting to defame me from behind a newly-made account and pseudo name – so cowardly!  And the pseudo name ‘Nononsense93’ does sound like he thought that up while in a negative frame of mind.

Nope, wasn't him either!

Nope, wasn’t him either!

Haters gonna’ hate, I guess.  I’m just going to keep doing my thing, being honest, and standing by my comments – real name and all!  This is me.  And since all publicity is apparently good publicity, perhaps he has pissed into the wind (I love that expression!).

See the above mentioned ‘review’ here!


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